Portraits Alumni Master Advanced Research in Management of Information Systems

Alireza Asgeri, Maître de conférences en systèmes d'information

"Before coming to Grenoble IAE, I had completed a four-year industrial engineering degree in Iran. Studying industrial engineering widened my horizon in terms of understanding what could be the future of the world, and more importantly, what I can do to contribute and make a change. The result of this understanding was the undeniable imperativeness of IT and its association with almost everything in the technological world. At the same time, Grenoble IAE was offering a new master's on Management Information Systems (MIS) called ARAMIS, which also focused on developing research related skills.

A research-based master's is the perfect choice to understand the different sides of being a researcher as well as developing the required skills in order to follow this path into academia or R&D departments of companies. This degree not only honed the skills I needed but also prepared me mentally to know what researchers face on a day-to-day basis.

After completing the master’s in IAE, I competed for the doctoral grant, which is awarded to a very limited number of candidates each year. Winning this contract allowed me to be able to follow the research idea that my supervisor, Paul Reaidy, and I had and simply know more about research and my topic of interest: Supply Chain Management. To conclude, I would recommend this course to anyone interested in research, and learners eager enough to learn about a specific topic in depth if they want to continue in research and academia."